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About us

About the AOS Kayakschool - from a hobby to a profession

Since they were kids, Lukas and Chris joined their father Hartwig on his outdoor adventures. It did not take long, and the torch filled with passion for the outdoor sports was passed on to the next generation. What followed were trainings and courses to become Raftguides, Canyoningguides and Kayak Instructors, as well as Ski- and Snowboard instructors in the wintertime.

In the Winter of 2011 we decided to rebuild our kayak program, and start a new kayak school in the Salza valley in Styria.

With the Salza we have the perfect river directly at our doorstep, and also the Enns river offers great whitewater for the more experienced kayakers.

Season to season we were able to grow our Kayakschool. We gained not only kayaks and instructors, but also a lot of experience in improving our courses. As by now we have a professional team of instructors, that have a lot of experience even in river adventures wordwide. In the winter of 2015/2016 we bought an old building, which we renovated personally to our new main basewith accomodation in the Gesäuse.

We a looking optimistic and motivated into the future, and are curious how we can further develop our company.

See you on the river!

About AOS - from a single unit to a team

What startet 1988 with one single rafting boat and a few life jackets, has grown to one of the most professional and reknown outdoor companies in Austria.
AOS is a family business founded by Hartwig Strobl, which is now in the second generation run by his sons Lukas and Christoph. Over the years we grew our services, trips and infrastructure, always aiming for the highest standards in the outdoor industry.

High quality equipment and training of our guides and staff are important tools to ensure the safety of our clients.

You will find our complete set of trips on the websites